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Damages & Repairs

While normal wear and tear is expected, any excessive damage to The Craft Barn, its contents, or the property will be reported to you immediately and the repair or replacement cost will be your responsibility. An itemized list along with pictures of the damage will be forwarded to you and the reimbursement will be expected immediately.

In the event something is broken, please contact us so it can be taken care of promptly.



  • Please let us know right away if you have any problems with the plumbing, air conditioner, heater, or appliances.

  • The Craft Barn is on a septic system, therefore nothing other than toilet paper may be flushed.

  • As with any satellite internet/TV system we may experience occasional loss of signal especially in inclement weather. Outages lasting an unreasonable time should be reported.

  • The Craft Barn is not responsible for theft or loss.

  • The Craft Barn is a non-smoking, no alcohol and no drugs facility.

  • No pets allowed.

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