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Accommodations for TEEX Online Fire Training Academy


Registration Open - Contact


Upcoming Dates - 

July 29 - August 23 (Class 46)

Stay with a family ready to support you, encourage you, and help you succeed.


*$1800 USD - Room and board.

We provide 15 meals per week:

1. 3 meals per day, Monday - Thursday.

2. Dinner on Sunday and breakfast & lunch on Friday.

3. All other meals are your responsibility. There is a kitchen and refrigerator available for your use.

*Transportation to school and back is the responsibility of the trainee

*8 spots available.

-Internet access.

-Full kitchen with washer & dryer available.

-Bring your own laundry supplies.

-No guests, pets, drugs, smoking, vaping or alcohol.

-Bedding provided.  Bring your own bath linens.

-Twin bed and desk available for each student.  ​

-Shared bathrooms.

*Large study area with leather rolling chairs and 6 foot tables for each trainee

*Beautiful sunsets, quiet country living in a relaxing home on 100 acre       Ranch, 20 minutes from Brayton Fire Field.       

*1200 square feet of covered porches

*Deposit $500 USD - Non-refundable. 

*Balance due two weeks prior to arrival. USD only.  

*Paypal ( or Venmo (@Carol-Bardin)

  -Recruit pays all transaction fees.

For Reservations or more information:

Email us at:

Call Carol: 512.560.0933 or Russ: 979.318.6610


Comments from past trainees:

"Loved everything about our stay here.  The entire time here we had no worries about anything except focusing on school work and resting up for the next day. Staying at LOR is a no-brainer.  The TEEX course is extremely physically and mentally demanding.  I honestly felt like we had a significant advantage over the other students that had to worry about meal prep and other daily domestic responsibilities. Thank you for helping us be successful in our program." ~Natalie

"The hospitality and meals here were amazing, your family was very warm and welcoming. It was nice to be able to come home from class and be able to have dinner ready for when we got back." ~Nash

"The food was INCREDIBLE.  Home-cooked meals and prepared lunches/meals are a game changer for us in this academy.  SO incredibly hospitable and accommodating with everything.  Fresh towels and linens were above and beyond.  We had so much time to study!!" ~Joel

"Staying here is a huge advantage for any student taking this course because it takes a big toll on your body physically and mentally and when you get home your time is very minimum to yourself. I'm glad i stayed here at the Land of Refuge." ~Darnell 

“The best part was being with all the guys.  Plus all of the meals and family atmosphere helped the stay feel like home.” 

“Thanks for everything.  I’ve had a trip I’ll never forget.”      


“Y’all made my stay 100% better than I could have imagined.”      


“I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and the southern hospitality.  You thought of everything we needed so that all we had to worry about was passing our course.  Thank you for welcoming us into your home and family.”

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